Macleay Valley Food Bowl Agribusiness Workshop

The Macleay Valley Food Bowl Agribusiness workshops were held in Gladstone in March and at the Kempsey Shire council in June 2015.

Presentations from the agribusiness workshops were professionally filmed to provide a valuable ongoing resource to support Council’s agribusiness strategy and to help share the information with any producers who were unable to attend the workshop, or those new to the area or agribusiness sector.

Costs associated with the workshop were supported by a grant from the NSW Government’s Regional Assistance Fund (NSW Agri-food Industry Development Initiative).

What was evident from the workshops was that “there are significant agribusiness opportunities within the Macleay and many people are keen for information on market opportunities, growing tips, how to win contracts and run a profitable and sustainable agribusiness.”

Rik Whitehead, Regional Director – Department of Primary Industries (DPI) Update

Rik provides an update on Department of Primary Industries (DPI) responsibilities include developing profitable, sustainable and biosecure agriculture, and fisheries; ensuring best management of catchments, natural resources and water; and regulating the state’s food sector.

Terry Farrel, Meat & Livestock Australia – Increasing returns on beef production

Terry Farrel from Meat & Livestock Australia presented on MSA Certification and other methods to increase returns on beef production.

Peter Hastie, Operations Manager, Organics NASAA – Process of Organic Certification

Peter Hastie from the National Association for Sustainable Agriculture, Australia (NASSA) presented on the organic certification and application process (it’s not as hard as you’ve heard) and how it can drive more profit to your pocket.

Sally Ayre-Smith and Tom Hackett, Organic Marketing Company: Organic Farming Opportunities

Tom Hackett and Sally Ayre-Smith (Organic Marketing Company) presented on organic opportunities including how to get started, what crops to grow, supply chain opportunities and marketing.

Mike Jeffery, Director, Norco – How landowners can support dairy farmers

Mike Jeffery, Director, Norco & Chair, Macleay Dairy Industry Group presented on how Macleay Valley landowners can support dairy farmers to build herd, quality and returns (no dairy experience required).

Lindy Brown, Local Land Services – new structure explained & services available to Macleay producers

Lindy Brown presented on the new structure of Local Land Services and how Local Land Services can assist the agricultural industry.

Georgia Rayner, Kempsey Shire Council – How KSC is supporting the agribusiness sector

Local Government Strategic Land Use Planning and Natural Resources Management Supporting Agriculture, presented by Georgia Rayner, Coordinator Strategic Planning and Natural Resources, Kempsey Shire Council.

Beth McMilen, Burrawong Gaian Farm – Pasture-raised poultry

Beth McMillen from Burrawong Gaian Farm presented on the commercial and agribusiness supply opportunities in pasture raised poultry sector.

Bruce Brown, Local Land Services – Positioning Agriculture on North Coast of NSW

Positioning Agriculture on North Coast of NSW was presented by Bruce Brown, General Manager from Local Land Services.