WildDogScan is a website and smartphone app for land managers, livestock producers, pest controllers and community members to record sightings of wild dogs, their impacts and control activities for their local area.

With funding from the National Wild Dog Action Plan, a new five-minute video tutorial has been produced to show users how to use the WildDogScan website and smartphone app effectively.

FeralScan Project Manager, Peter West, said “WildDogScan is just one facet of the FeralScan program, which allows users to record information in their local area for 12 invasive animal species.

“14,000 Australians have used FeralScan and to date participants have recorded more than 3000 wild dog sightings and reported wild dog impacts at more than 1000 locations,” Mr West said.

Mr West explained the benefits of WildDogScan for coordinated landholder groups managing wild dogs, “across Australia, 150 landholder and wild dog control groups are using WildDogScan to plan control efforts and decide how to best reduce wild dog problems as a community. The program allows group members to update each other on wild dog activity with real time notifications, and there is now a function enabling photos to be uploaded and shared between group members.”WildDogScan-websiteapp

Mark Tarrant, Team Leader for Invasive Species and Plant Health with Northern Tablelands Local Land Services has been supporting the use of WildDogScan in his area.

“We have been working with landholder groups to use WildDogScan to help map the areas where wild dogs are causing problems for livestock producers. WildDogScan is a really important tool to help landholders get on top of the problem and make informed decisions on future wild dog management. We encourage all landholders who have wild dog problems to report sightings and activity in WildDogScan,” Mr Tarrant said.

Geoff Power, Chairperson of the National Wild Dog Action Plan stakeholder group, said wild dogs impose substantial costs on cattle, sheep and goat industries in Australia and the social impact on communities and emotional distress of individuals due to wild dog attacks is just as significant. Wild dogs also have a negative impact on at least 79 threatened native species.

“Having a farm-ready, practical, and easy-to-use tool for recording wild dog activity, which can be used in the field without internet connection, is very useful for landholders and land managers.

“Peter West has made a real impact by visiting and teaching community and landholder groups how to use the program – it’s a positive move to have an online tutorial everyone can access, at any time.”

WildDogScan is a landholder, community, industry, research and government collaboration led by the Invasive Animals Cooperative Research Centre and NSW Department of Primary Industries.

It is available for use via the WildDogScan website and within the FeralScan app which can be downloaded to your smartphone from iTunes and Google Play.

The WildDogScan app tutorial can be viewed here.

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