Macleay Valley Business Excellence – Meet Robbie Jewell

Café owner and chef Robbie Jewell lives by the motto ‘Too Easy’ when it comes to her business, but achieving the Trip Advisor Award for Excellence is anything but an easy feat. The award is offered to businesses that consistently receive positive reviews.

“I wasn’t aware that we are on Trip Advisor until a customer told me about it. Receiving the Award for Excellence was a real surprise and a great thrill. I think people appreciate how hard we work to make sure they are happy and that has been reflected in the feedback. Everyone tells us how much we deserve the award, which is very humbling,” said Robbie.

The business motto ‘Too Easy’ comes from Robbie’s parents who have watched their daughter’s journey through the industry with pride. Robbie began as a waitress at venues such as Sydney’s Caddy Inn Restaurant, Botany Bay Seafood and Lazy Lobster at Brighton Le Sands, and has taken every opportunity to experience all facets of the restaurant business.

Robbie reflects. “I have been a chef for some time and Ross and I have worked together in the past in Gladstone and Frederickton. When we discussed going into business together we wanted to make sure that we provided a real point of difference. We researched what was already available and then set about creating our own vision.”

This unconventional chef never uses a recipe and visualises ideas for menus in her mind. Beyond her regular menu it’s important to Robbie that people with special dietary needs feel that they are catered for.

“Although I have had several influences, I have developed my own personality as a chef and the food I prepare reflects that. We offer gluten free and vegetarian options and customers appreciate the effort we go to meet their needs and make them feel welcome. We also have our own vegie garden on site and I love including our produce in the meals I serve,” Robbie said. “It’s our version of paddock to plate.”

Since receiving the Award, customers of the business have gone out of their way to offer their congratulations and recommend the business to others.

“We have even had people from Japan and Los Angeles coming to our café and telling their friends to visit as well. I love it when it’s busy and the business has certainly grown steadily since we opened. This year has been extraordinary and there are no quiet days anymore.”

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