Didja Plant Natives

Australian Native Nursery specialising in Bush Food Plants and Bush Medicine Plants. Open by appointment only.

Didja Plant Natives also have a stall at Kempsey Riverside Markets on the first Saturday of the Month at Kempsey Riverside Park.

Australian Plant Natives we supply:

Aniseed Myrtle
Apple Berry
Apple Dumpling
Atherton Raspberry
Black Anther Flax Lily, Blueberry Flax Lilly or Spreading Flax Lily
Black Apple
Black Wattle
Blue Flax Lily
Blue Lilly Pilly
Blue Quandong
Blue tongue
Broad Leaf Bramble Raspberry
Broad Leaf Paperbark
Brush Cherry
Bush Fig or Small Leaf Fig
Bushy Bluebells
Cabbage Palm
Chocolate Lily
Cider Gum
Cinnamon Myrtle
Coastal Banksia
Coastal Boobialla
Coastal Pigface
Coastal Wattle
Creek Sandpaper Fig
Davidson’s Plum
Davidson’s Plum
Deciduous fig
False Sarsaparilla
Finger Lime
Flat Leaf Sedge
Fringed Wattle
Honey Pots
Flame Tree
Native violet
Kangaroo Apple
Lace Bark Tree
Lemon Aspen, Lemon Wood
Lemon Wood
Lemon Myrtle
Lilly Pilly
Magenta Cherry
Maidens Wattle
Mat Rush
Mat Rush
Midgen Berry
Milk Maids
Mountain Currant
Muntries or Native Cranberry
Native Ginger
Native Grape
Native Guava
Native Leek
Native Lemon Grass
Native or Wild Parsnip
Native Raspberry
Native Rosella
Nodding saltbush
Old Mans Beard
Oval or round lime
Pale Vanilla Lily
Plum Pine
Prickly Currant Bush
Red Apple
River Mint
Rose Myrtle
Rust Fig or Port Jackson Fig
Sandpaper Fig
Sea Celery
Silky Oak
Slender Palm Lily
Small Leaf Lilly Pilly
Small Leaf Tamarind
Snow Berry
Strawberry Pine
Swamp Lily
Sweet Morinda
Tall Bluebells
Tasmanian Pepper Berry
Tick Bush or White Kunzea
Trailing Ground Berry
Warrigal Greens
Weeping Bottlebrush
Weeping Lilly Pilly
White Sally Wattle
Wild Mint
Willow Bottlebrush
Wombat Berry/ Scrambling Lily
and more

Contact details

57 Wharf Rd, Kundabung, NSW, 2440
didja plant natives facebook

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