Looking to expand your knowledge? Scholarships for Australian Primary producers

Are you looking to gain some international agricultural experience? the Nuffield scholarships offer a great opportunity, details below.

Nuffield Australia Farming Scholarships is a unique program that awards primary producers with a life-changing scholarship to travel overseas and study an agricultural topic of choice.

Nuffield has been selecting primary producers for over 60 years and it is the leading program for primary producers in Australia.

Scholars are selected annually on merit as people who are committed and passionate about farming or fishing, are at the leading edge of technology uptake and potential future leaders in the industry.

There are approximately 300 Nuffield scholars in Australia who, through their Nuffield scholarship, have had a world experience into global agriculture to enhance their knowledge and skills.

Scholars represent a wide number of rural industries and have returned to Australia to adopt best management practice so that excellence in all aspects of agricultural production is achieved.

Nuffield Australia is also part of a unique global network of 1,250 Nuffield Scholars from seven countries which also award Nuffield Farming Scholarships annually. More information about Nuffield International is available by visiting their web site.

As a Nuffield Scholar, the learning process continues for life with state-based, national and international Nuffield tours and conferences. Scholars are encouraged to communicate new knowledge and ideas to both the alumni and to the wider agricultural industry.

If you are a primary producer, engaged in farming or fishing as an owner or manager, please explore this website and find out how Nuffield can assist you join a unique, worldwide agricultural network.

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