The Coalition Government yesterday introduced a bill into parliament that will better support exporters and farmers to minimise the costs of doing business, as well as continue to provide the robust regulation expected by trading partners.

The new legislation will provide a ‘one stop shop’ for export rules for agricultural goods, ensuring farmers and exporters are supported by contemporary, flexible and efficient legislation.

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources, Barnaby Joyce, said the Bill forms part of the Coalition Government’s work to ensure there are appropriate regulatory settings in place to help drive productivity.

“Over the 35 years since the Export Control Act 1982 commenced, the legislation governing agricultural exports has ballooned into a complex web of regulation—17 Acts and over 40 legislative instruments to meet the needs and challenges of the international trade environment,” Minister Joyce said.

“We need something more coherent in place so that the rules for exporting are simpler and easier to understand and comply with.”

Assistant Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources, Senator Anne Ruston, said this new legislation will provide our exporters more opportunity to innovate and the confidence to pursue lucrative export opportunities, particularly for new and emerging industries.

“This Bill ensures that Australian agricultural exports can continue to capitalise on international markets opportunities and meet the challenges that come with changing consumer preferences,” Minister Ruston said.

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