NORTH Coast Local Land Services is co-ordinating a wild dog group ground baiting program with public and private landholders in the Lower Macleay and surrounding localities at the start of next month.

The program to get underway from Monday, May 8, has evolved through widespread consultation with land managers and is an integral part of an overall control strategy as outlined in the North Coast Region Wild Dog Management Plan 2015-2020.

“It’s important for landholders to understand that wild dog control cannot be a ‘one off’ approach, but requires regular baiting at key seasonal periods, preferably based on a nil-tenure approach where neighbouring landholders are undertaking the control at the same time,” senior biosecurity officer Peter James said.

“Over the last three years we have seen more land managers getting involved in group programs, rather than just trying to tackle the problem on their own and it’s fantastic to see the Lower Macleay now taking this on board.”

The May program will target wild dogs using 1080 fresh meat baits and will include, but not be restricted to, the following localities: Collombatti, Clybucca, Bellimbopinni, Jacks Crossing, Gladstone, Kinchela, Belmore River, Verges Creek, Old Station and all remaining areas of the Lower Macleay floodplain.

This program is designed to reduce the impact of wild dogs on agricultural livestock, domestic and native animals. The program will be undertaken using best practice control techniques by land managers who are trained and qualified in the use of pesticides. Strategies will be implemented to reduce the risk to non-target species.

“Effective wild dog control depends on a little bit of work from a lot of people, not a lot of work from just a few,” Mr James said.

Land managers who are interested in participating in this important pest animal control program should register their interest by contacting the North Coast Local Land Services on 6563-6700 or Peter James on 0429 842-966.

To view a copy of the North Coast Region Wild Dog Management Plan 2015-2020 click here.

Originally Posted Macleay Argus
11 Apr 2017

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